Capacity Building

The main goal of the capacity building efforts under the EO4SD on water resources management will be to ensure the development of the required human, technical and institutional capacity to empower stakeholders with the ability to utilize the developed services in an independent and sustainable manner.


This will require a significant effort dedicated to enhance the long-term formation of operators, technicians and scientists, as well as decision makers with the capabilities to exploit EO-based information services for integrated water resource management. Therefore, capacity building activities need to be organized and planned from both the technical perspective (oriented to EO technicians and system/services operators) and from the water management perspective (oriented to users and other relevant stakeholders that will make use of the information products). The training courses will be designed to increase the knowledge, comprehension and application of EO-technology and analysis of EO-based geo-information for optimized management of water resources.


Courses and Workshops

Courses will be designed on two levels: [i] increase the competency of decision makers and IFIs staff in understanding the wider context of different satellite systems and information products/services to support their operational responsibilities; [ii] hands on experience for stakeholders in CSs to support identification, monitoring and evaluation of development projects in their countries.

  • The IFI/decision support training will take place within user workshops and various awareness events mainly focused on increasing the awareness and acceptance of EO derived information as a mean to improve water resource management and planning. The key aim is to enhance the capacity of all stakeholders to understand, integrate and use EO-based information and services into their management and operational practices ensuring clear and measurable short-term impacts in the field.
  • The technical training will take place within a series of regional training courses and will mainly address the needs of technical personnel within government agencies, and aiming to enhance the long-term formation of operators, technicians and scientists with the capabilities to exploit EO technology for IWRM.


Course Content and Timing

The exact content and timing of capacity building activities will be developed by the EO4SD team in close collaboration with the involved stakeholders. In order to ensure excellence the capacity building activities will be carried out by two experienced and credible institutions within this domain, i.e. ITC Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente and the Academy by DHI. ITC is recognized worldwide for achievements in teaching and capacity development in the field of EO for water resource management. Similar, The Academy by DHI provides worldwide training and knowledge sharing activities within water environments.

Another essential mechanism for capacity building, also to be explored by the EO4SD initiative, is partnership development to give local stakeholders access to knowledge and skills and as a mean to increase networking and funding opportunities for all parties.