Capacity building workshop, Myanmar


From 2-4 of April a technical training session on drought and flood management was held at Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, Nay Pyi Taw. More than 30 people participated and in attendance were the Department of Agriculture (DOA) and the Irrigation and Water Utilization Department from the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI); the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH), Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC); the Disaster Management Department, Ministry of Social Welfare Relief and Resettlement (MOSWRR); and Yezin Agricultural University (MOALI) and the Department of Agricultural Research (DAR, MOALI).

The training session was jointly organized by the EO4SD Water and the Climate Technology Centre Network (CTCN) technical assistance to Myanmar funded by Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness and preparatory support. The event covered topics of remote sensing data, indicators and the use of the crop application. More specifically, the objectives of the training session were: [i] to inform on the status of the ongoing technical assistances (cf. EO4SD Water and CTCN); [ii] to continue to train technical specialists in use of Earth Observation and the Myanmar Flood and Drought Portal; [iii] to receive feedback from participants on their use of the portal and application of the data carried out in their own tasks.

Overall, participants were very satisfied with the training course, with the majority reporting that the training has helped to increase their knowledge base. In specific comments participants were acknowledging the usefulness of the portal and the new crop water application, but also requesting more training and more time to evaluate and validate the results. The latter is encouraging since it means the participants understand the importance of approaching the data with a critical sense.