Cross-cutting needs for satellite data information in Zambia


In February 2019 together with Zambian Institute of Environmental Management (ZIEM) EO4SD Water had a series of bi-lateral meetings with national stakeholders in Lusaka about the value of satellite data for land and water resource management relative to Zambian national interests and user requirements. At those meetings it became clear that there are several cross-cutting data needs for improved land and water resource information that can be delivered by satellite data to stakeholders in Zambia. Examples include monitoring of surface water resources (including wetlands), mapping of agricultural land use and identification of zones impacted by floods and droughts.

In August 2019 a follow up workshop was arranged with key stakeholders having an interest in improving environmental data collection in Zambia. All together 20 people got together on the 28th and 29th of August at the Hotel Intercontinental to discuss these cross-cutting data and information needs. Participants included national representatives from Department of Water Resources Development, Zambia Environmental Management Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Land Survey, Zambezi River Authority, Department of National Parks & Wildlife, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit, Zambian Meteorological Department and the National Remote Sensing Centre. Also, international collaborating partners where present such as World Bank, GIZ, WWF and PPCR.

The key objective of the workshop was to convey to the audience the potential and value for supporting the government with satellite derived information based on free and open satellite data, and hereunder to jointly discuss which EO data and services can serve most ministries/departments and institution. Another part of the discussion was to also present the requirements (and articulate a road-map) for anchoring, integration and sharing of these information services in Zambia.