EO4SD-Water Final report


The final report from EO4SD-Water is out. Check out how the latest generation of satellites can support international
development assistance by helping countries to better measure and manage their water resources. The report provide examples on how the EO4SD initiative has supported development projects
in Africa (Sahel, Africa Horn, Zambezi), Asia (Myanmar and Lao PDR) and Latin America (Peru and Bolivia) by delivering EO information and services in response to stakeholder requirements for water resources monitoring
and management at local, national and basin levels. Examples include
- Mapping and monitoring water reservoirs (Zimbabwe)
- Irrigation management & planning (Niger)
- Water licence compliancy (Malawi)
- National flood frequency (Myanmar)
- Monitoring water occurrence for pastoralism (Horn of Africa)
- Wetland extent for SDG reporting (Uganda)
- Water quality and levels (Peru and Zambia)
These EO use cases plus many more where designed and demonstrated in cooperation with international development aid agencies (cf. World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Inter-American Development Bank) and their client state partners.
Enjoy the reading. For more information feel free to contact: Christian Tottrup, DHI GRAS (cto@dhigroup.com) or Benjamin Koetz, ESA (Benjamin.Koetz@esa.int).