Successful stakeholder meeting in Niamey, Niger


It is a cardinal objective of the EO4SD to respond to the highest priority geospatial information requirements of the selected projects. Therefore, a team from EO4SD were visiting Niamey from 29th of March to 2nd of April 2017 in order to gather Earth Observation requirements for the Sahel Irrigation Initiative Support Project (SIIP). 

Participants included amongst others representatives from the Comité permanent Inter-Etats de Lutte contre la Sécheresse dans le Sahel (CILLS) and Le centre agro-hydrométrique (AGRHYMET) as well as the Ministry of Agriculture. During the meetings a series of Earth Observation product and service requirements were identified that meets specific requirements of the SIIP activities. In a next step these EO products and services will be prototyped and subsequently consolidated during a second round of user consultations before full EO service demonstration and roll‐out in the EO4SD second phase.

During the visit to Niger the team also had the opportunity to visit the SAGA irrigation scheme and learn about some the issues and challenges faced by development of, and water cooperation in, larger irrigation schemes along the Niger River.