World Water Day 2018


Today is the World Water Day and we would like to thank all our partners who work so tirelessly for the better management of water resources. Please be assured that the EO4SD team will keep supporting you in 2018.

In December 2017, the EO4SD development team completed the last user workshop in La Paz (Bolivia) bringing together national stakeholders from Peru and Bolivia as well as staff from Inter-American Development Band and World Bank. The workshop successfully marked the end of phase 1 and the project has now moved into its second phase where the agreed Earth Observation products and services and capacity building activities will be offered in relation to EO for water resource management.

Since late 2017, the development team has been busy preparing the first large-scale Earth Observation demonstration, which was agreed and later consolidated with the development banks and their client state stakeholders during the many user meetings and workshops held throughout 2017. As an example, please read this story by our partner Satelligence on inundation mapping in the Irrawady Delta, Myanmar.

In celebration of World Water Day on 22nd of March, we are also proud to announce the release of the EO4SD promo video on how Earth Observation can support water managers and authorities worldwide and with direct relevance for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of international development assistance.